Wholesale unfinished wood parts for the buyer of larger quantity custom wood turnings and stock wood parts.  We stock furniture components, wooden dowels, wood knobs, shaker pegs, furniture dowel pins, wooden toy wheels and much more.

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Wholesale wood turning & custom wood products.  We stock unfinished wooden parts including wood dowels, wooden knobs, shaker pegs, furniture pins, wood toy wheels and much more.
Woodworks Ltd offering small quantities of unfinished wooden craft parts.
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Smith Wood Products offers a huge "In Stock" inventory of unfinished wood parts and turnings; shaker pegs, wooden dowel rods, round balls, wooden toy wheels, and more. This allows us to provide 24 hour order turnaround to meet the demands of your "just in time needs". Plus, with over 30 years of dedication to uncompromising quality, outstanding customer service and competitive prices, we are your best source for all your wood parts needs.

buttons, plugs, button plugs, screwhole plugs, flathead plugs, stair plugs, side grain plugs, end grain plugs
Screwhole Buttons &  Plugs!

Wood Grommets!wood grommets, wooden grommets,  desk grommets, bun feet, bun foot, pine bun feet
Bun Feet also Available!

spindles, finial, wood spindles, wood finials, wooden spindles, bulk spindles, bulk finials, wooden finials
Wood Spindles & Finials!

Cut to Length Dowelscustom cut to length wood dowels and other custom wood turnings.

  Stock Wood Parts

We have what you're looking for:
Wooden Axle Pegs, Balls, Wood Knobs, Wooden Blocks, Furniture Buttons, Hardwood Spindles, Wood Plugs, Colonial Hardware, Wood Dowel Rods, Furniture Dowel Pins, Wooden Finials, Shaker Pegs, Screws, Wood Toy Wheels, Wooden Cubes plus more...

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              dowels, dowel pins, wood dowel, wooden dowels, birch dowels, oak dowels, joiner biscuits, pins, wood dowel pins, furniture pins

Custom Wood Turnings

Our rich traditions of craftsmanship and enhanced modern technologies bring wood products of unsurpassed quality and variety to market. These technologies allow us to make customized unfinished or finished wood products to your specification at competitive prices. Click here for custom options.


New Items!

balls, wood balls, wooden balls, large diameter balls, hardwood balls

4" & 5" Balls
In Stock for immediate shipment!

Sizes Up To 18"
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pegs, shaker pegs, wood shaker pegs, wooden shaker pegs, wood peg, wooden peg, wooden handles, wood handles, handles


Wooden Knobs

Unfinished Knobs!

knobs, wood knobs, wooden knobs, end grain knobs, wood ball knobs, wooden ball knobs,  shaker knobs

In Stock for immediate shipment!

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